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People think that generosity is the opposite of economy and that preciseness is an opposite to tolerance. However, generosity is the ability to meet the needs of others without the waste of time and matter.

Generosity is the willingness to share-not to waste. Economy is inherent to generosity; it acts as a principle of discrimination-a process for choosing which seeds bring the most fruit. Generosity is an action to increase substance by sharing it with others. It is economy in action. Generosity is the process of harvesting much more than what is distributed to others.

Preciseness is the ability to use time, energy, space and matter in a goal-fitting way.

How foolish is a farmer who thinks that by refusing to sow the seeds in his storage shed he will save or economize. A true act of economy would be to sow the seeds in the fields for as much harvest as his storage will permit.

Torkom Saraydarian
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